The Center for Integrative Wellness: A CBT specialty group, is a private group practice in San Diego, CA that offers multiple modalities of treatment in order to meet individual client needs. We know that no client falls into a “one-size fits all” mold. Therefore, we aim to serve each client on a personal basis to develop a precise, strategic plan to improve the client’s well being, quality of life and self-worth.

The diverse staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological services available. These services include individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and psychological testing and assessment.  Your journey to improved mental, emotional and physical health begins here!


The Center for Integrative Wellness : A CBT specialty group, recognizes that the integration of healthy emotional and psychological functioning is a vital element to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families. Our mission is to provide evidence-based psychotherapy, consultation, and intervention, and to provide confidential, culturally sensitive, state-of-the- art services to the community.

As a practice, we are committed to compassion, integrity, and a balanced perspective as essential components of healthy living. Our ultimate goal with every client we serve is to put these important attributes to work in a collaborative therapy relationship that helps our clients reach their full potential.


At The Center for Integrative Wellness: A CBT specialty group, we understand that the body functions as a whole and we encourage a holistic approach to mental, emotional and physical health. Our vision is to provide an integrated approach to assist our clients improvement of overall health and daily life functioning.